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«It’s much easier to match with food than a really strong

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cea mai tare lucru din felii de pine

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replica handbags store Roff offers readers notes on pairing vodka with food, detailing https://www.7starreplicahandbags.com both the basic concepts of food and drink pairing, as well as the subjectivity and fun involved. «It’s much easier to match with food than a really strong spirit,» he says. «Spirits do get matched with food now and then Cognacs and Armagnacs tend to go with desserts but vodka can go with the main course and the entre and every part of the meal. It’s very exciting that way.» He prefers to drink his vodka neat and, depending on the vodka, at room temperature, and frequently with food. «I might stretch to do a martini but I think that a good, clear vodka, or one of the light flavoured vodkas like the angelica vodka, is fantastic by itself,» Roff says. «It’s even better if you have a bit of rye bread and a pickled herring or something. It’s quite amazing. I would never have eaten pickled herring before I started work with the Poles but it’s an acquired taste and I’ve acquired it.» replica handbags store.

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